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With one of the largest selections in the industry, we can help you be prepared and OSHA compliant. Solutions for any business.

Ensuring your company has appropriate first aid and emergency preparedness products in place is a challenge. What do you need? How much do you need? What regulations must you meet?

We can help you answer those questions.

Regardless of company size, industry or specialty, First Aid Only has the products you need to be prepared and be compliant.

500 unique workplace products.

It’s actually closer to 550, but we don’t want to brag. And our products and solutions are sized and packaged to be convenient, sturdy, attractive and easy to use.

Here’s a sample of our popular workplace solutions and kits:
• Stations
• Cabinets
• Welder
• Restaurant
• Truckers
• Lifeguard
• Logger

Emergency Preparedness Kits:
• General Preparedness
• Event Specific Preparedness
• CPR Responder
• Burn Responder
• Trauma Responder
• Fluid Spill Responder

OSHA compliance and staying stocked?
No problem.

When it comes to meeting your federal and state obligations for safety in the workplace, First Aid Only offers two distinctive solutions that take the burden off your shoulders.

Our SmartCompliance™ Program featuring the SmartTab ezRefill System combines sleek design and customization with guaranteed OSHA compliance for your company.

Additionally, we offer a complete line of "traditional" solutions to meet any business need. Review our 2007 product catalog and contact one of our friendly Customer Service Represenatives today.

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Home First Aid

Uncompromising quality. Innovative design.

A majority of accidents happen at—or near—home. So it’s important to have supplies on hand to treat injuries. No matter what you do or where you go, we have a kit to meet your needs. We’ve got you covered.

Family, friends, children, pets, parties. At one time or another, they’re all part of “home.” To help keep them safe, we have a wide array of first aid and emergency preparedness products that could prove essential if the unexpected happens.

Our kits in numerous sizes as well as in several convenient packaging options that are perfect for kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, shops and cars. Here’s a sample of our popular home kits.

First Aid Kits:
• General Purpose
• Home Shop Safety
• Auto First Aid Essentials
• Child I.D and Records

Pet Emergency Preparedness Kits:
• First Responder
• Personal Smart Pack
• CPR Responder
• Burn Responder
• Student Emergency Pack

You can find our products in many fine retail stores, or you can shop direct for your first aid and emergency preparedness supplies. Worried you’ll forget to order refills? Don’t be.

Our SmartTab ezRefill™ System can take the headache out of keeping your essential supplies stocked. It’s the perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity.

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Sports First Aid

Make sure you have the right supplies on hand if you put a bit too much skin in the game. Keeping you safe at play.

Whether it’s at school, on a boat, a field, or anywhere else, playing is good fun and good exercise.

And occasionally the unexpected happens. Maybe you get injured. Or lost. Or caught in extreme weather.

You can mitigate these situations by being prepared for them before they happen. So you can keep playing. Unique activities demand unique products.

Getting the right supplies for your play needs is easy, and we can help you do it.

Our products come in several convenient sizes and packaging options including durable nylon bags, backpacks, waist packs and pocketbooks

Here’s a sample of our popular kits.

First Aid Kits:
• Outdoor First Aid
• Professional-grade First Response Kit
• Golf First Aid
• Sports First Aid
• Pet First Aid

Emergency Preparedness Kits:
• Auto and Travel
• Personal Care (Women)
• Personal Care (Men)
• Eye Care Trauma
• CPR Responder
• Emergency Survival

You can find our products in many fine retail stores.

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