About us

Their lives are in your hands

Spending more time at home means that we are our family’s first line of defense should things go wrong. These include medical emergencies like the occasional nosebleed and fainting, to the more life threatening conditions like stroke and the dreaded heart attack.

We at First Aid PH believe that everyone should be fully prepared to respond as advanced medical assistance can take a while to arrive. We help equip you, your family and your staff by providing tailored private first aid training sessions that best fit your needs.

We cover topics including, but not limited to, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life Support, treating injuries and using an AED.

We aim to keep our training sessions a dynamic experience, but always anchored in high standard professionalism.

We aspire to empower our trainees’ confidence through multi-method learning and by adequate hands-on practice with our equipment and resources.

To learn more about your First Aid Instructor, click here.

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